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About George

Corkescrew Gallery and Workshop


George Corke’s artistic excellence is fuelled by his daily drive to prioritise production details and quality, while keeping an eye on the long term…the future.


He’s incapable of stinting on the time required to hand-make beautiful, elegant objects which buyers cherish for a life time and bequeath to the next generation as heirlooms or collector’s items.


For a number of years he has been creating exquisite timber and metal furniture pieces and sculptures in a Workshop on the farm where he’s lived for 10 years with his family.


In his woodcraft and black smith shop he works creating and designing pieces that are unique and mostly a one-of design not just another craft shop but as a place and space that visitors can feel and smell the elements of steel ,wood ,fire & water, his workshop is  located in apple packing shed built in the early 1900s ,and his creations now being displayed in a purpose built gallery with materials sourced from the refurbishment of the Mount Barker apple cool-stores built in 1918 ,now known as Corkescrew Gallery and Workshop.

George says the 100 year old shed “is a perfect complement to the works I exhibit made from W. A. timbers – new and recycled"

George's passion for wood starting out  as a carpenter and joiner at the age of 16 and the metal working skills came from his father in law, now 91, a career blacksmith all of his working life 


There are plenty of stories such as these to hear and wonders to observe when you visit the CorkescrewGallery. You’re welcome to spend time enjoying the artworks at your leisure, or alternatively, watch  as George transforms wood and metal into collectible and also functional pieces of furniture and art.


Please phone 0400621866 to make an appointment.

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